ASL Logistics Consulting

ASL Logistics Consulting services offers transportation answers to today‘s complex fleet operations challenges. Realizing that private fleet operators have needs far beyond vehicles and maintenance, our goal is to provide an efficient, cost-effective transportation plan that assists you in meeting your strategic business goals.

For most companies, transportation plays an important customer service role and represents a large part of their total logistics cost. By simulating your fleet’s activities with our logistics models, understanding of your operation becomes crystal clear. Where inefficiencies are identified, we help you convert them to bottom line savings. Best of all, you can actually see the results before spending any time or money implementing changes.

NationaLease Logistics Consulting services include:

  • Transportation costing.
  • Site selection/facility network analysis.
  • Driver compensation analysis.
  • Productivity and customer service analysis.
  • Routing and scheduling analysis/optimization.
  • Asset utilization recommendations.
  • Performance measurement systems.

ASL Logistics Consulting service is solely focused on helping companies develop creative, efficient and cost-effective solutions for the movement of their goods and materials. In today’s competitive business environment, the need for proficient logistics management has never been greater. When you turn to ASL for logistics solutions, you can rest assured that our experienced professionals, state-of-the-art technology and our innovative approach to problem-solving will yield results for your business. Results that improve your customer service and your bottom line.

ASL Logistics Consulting provides a one-source solution to optimize efficiencies, trim your costs and give your company a competitive edge. Call us today and let us demonstrate the value of our Logistics Consulting services!