ASL GPS Technology

ASL state-of-the-art web-based tracking system provides instantaneous data on vehicle location, communication with the driver, en-route shipments and delivery status.

Benefits and Capabilities of ASL GPS equipped vehicles:

Know where your trucks are.
The system features precise fleet locating capabilities including time based (e.g. hourly), event based (e.g. auto arrival and departure) and/or on-demand location updates. View location data on precise maps that can show actual satellite images of your trucks in relation to your facilities.

Communicate with drivers.
Communicate with your drivers quickly and cost effectively. Don't worry about counting characters as PeopleNet uses bandwidth rich networks. Use unlimited free deferred messages without going into variable overage expense.

Reduce driver turnover.
Free driver e-mail lets drivers stay in touch with friends and family while on the road.

Get information quickly.
Our Web-based Fleet Manager gives you and your dispatcher’s system access from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Monitor vehicles from afar and reduce maintenance costs.
PerformX™ monitors your vehicles' engines and driver performance and sends you regular reports. Real-time alarms can also be triggered for extreme speeding or acceleration/deceleration events.

Automate Arrival and Departure Notification.
PACOS™ is the industry's first exception-based arrival and departure notification system based upon geofencing.

Proactively manage hours of service with the leading EOBR.
eDriver Logs® makes HOS processes easier and more accurate for drivers, safety and dispatch. View real-time hours available by driver and be alerted of potential driver violation situations to reduce fleet risk and exposure.

Make compliance and fuel-tax reporting easier.
Fuel tax online streamlines the process.

Increase back office efficiencies.
With our portable options, you can take advantage of time-saving tools like bar coding and other.