Full Service Leasing

All Services Leasing (ASL) has the experience, equipment and expertise to partner with your business in providing customized transportation solutions. ASL’s full service lease solutions offer fleets reliable, dependable and fuel efficient vehicles engineered for your specific requirements.

ASL is a proud member of NationaLease. NationaLease is the largest full service truck leasing organization in North America, with more than 750 facilities throughout the U.S and Canada. Our company is comprised of 185 independent businesses united with a central mission: to provide customers with a flexible, quick response to their transportation needs.

For 64 years, we have operated under a model that eliminates the red tape and bureaucracy by putting you in touch directly with the business owner who is passionate about providing a customized solution that is right for you.

All ASL full service lease solutions come with our industry leading ‘MPG Improvement’ program. In addition to specific engineering built to maximize MPG, ASL will provide in depth data obtained from the engine ECM, quarterly meetings, and one on one coaching to your drivers on proven techniques to improve your fleet MPG. Our MPG program has resulted in substantial savings on our partner’s fuel expenses.

ASL NationaLease offers a comprehensive package of services tailored to your company's specific needs. ASL full service lease solutions determine what equipment will most efficiently match your needs, excellent vehicle maintenance and the complete handling of all compliance and regulatory reporting issues. Our comprehensive leasing solutions include:

  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Labor, Parts & Tires
  • Licensing, Permits & Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Vehicle Identification & Washing
  • Preventive Maintenance Inspections
  • Refrigeration Services
  • 24/7 365 Emergency Service
  • Substitute Vehicles
  • Driver Safety Meetings

Additional Benefits of an ASL full service lease solution include:

  • No down payment.
  • 100% deductible payments.
  • Predictable transportation costs.
  • More working capital.
  • Administrative relief, no paperwork, D.O.T., or fuel audits.
  • One monthly invoice.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Less downtime.
  • Improved image with newer, cleaner equipment.
  • No need for your own service facility.
  • Improved fuel and equipment efficiency.
  • 7,000 factory-trained technicians at your disposal.
  • Regular driver safety meetings
  • MPG training programs, driver testing, recognition, and awards programs.
  • No more wasting time at dealerships waiting for service